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The project

Chapter 22

Eloise’s P.O.V

I was left alone in his bedroom while Bruno went to rehears with his band mates. He insisted in my staying lied down even though I felt better; I never knew he can be worse than my mom in this case. After waiting for good three hours, the door opened and an exhausted Bruno came inside.

“How was rehearsal?” I asked sitting next to him. “Great, I’ve missed performing and I’m glad I have the chance to do it tomorrow. Plus I already found a date” he says and winks at me. I should have seen that coming. “Who?” I ask shaking my head.

“I don’t know; didn’t catch her name, but is one of the girls that will be dancing tomorrow when I perform” he said and winked. “What about you?” he asked. Is he kidding me? I’ve all day long in here.

“Yes I asked your wardrobe to be my date for tomorrow” I say sarcastically making him chuckle.

“I know, I know, but you had to recover” he says justifying the fact that he’s left me locked inside all day.

“Don’t worry; I don’t need a date anyway because I have to be there first, before everybody; I’m the assistant remember?” I say smiling. “I thought you’re only Ryan’s assistant” he says getting up.

“Well, I have to take care of other stuff like this for example…are you changing in front of me?” I ask him turning my back on him as soon as I saw him remove his clothes.

“Oh come on; you’re used to see me almost naked” he says laughing. “I don’t appreciate it though” I oppose immediately. “Liar, liar, liar….liar” he starts singing the word over and over again.

“What’s the time, I’m hungry?” I say while still not facing him. “It’s 8pm. The boys and girls will be working till late tonight with their photoshoots and stuff since it’s the last day of work, but don’t worry I got the permission for you to stay on bed. I also ordered dinner for us which will be coming any second” he replied.

“Wait; what did you exactly told them? How did you explain that I was in your room when I fainted?” I ask confused and worried.

“You can turn around now; I’m done” he says and I turn to face him, seeing that he’s fully clothed. That’s better; it’s not that I don’t enjoy half naked Bruno, but I forget what I was talking about when he walks around like that. And it makes me feel uncomfortable.

“Well, I told them that Virginia asked you to inform me that I’ll be performing at the party tomorrow night, something that Virginia approved to have told you; and when you came in my room to let me know, you fainted because of a diet” he says as if he was bragging about his capability to lie. Wait a minute he WAS bragging.

“You’re the worst” I say and he laughs. Before I’m able to add anything a knock on the door is heard, interrupting it.

“That must be our food; can you get that while I use the bathroom first?” he asks me walking inside the bathroom, while I get up to get our food.
“Am I really allowed to eat this much?” I ask Bruno but only after I finished my plate. “Today yes. Did you see what happened earlier? No, no, I don’t want that to happen again. If you don’t feel capable of continuing this diet, it’s the end of it from this instance” he says putting the plates away after we have finished our dinner. I get comfortable on the sofa.

“Well to be honest, it’s not that I’m a big fan of it, but we might give it another try” I say shrugging as he sits on the other sofa on my left.

“And risk for what happened today to happen again? No way. Plus it’s not that you’re fat or anything, my fault for trying to make you skinny skinny; stay as you are. And also like this your health isn’t risked” he says smiling.

“Yes, I guess is better like that. But tonight I ate a lot; I wonder if I’ll get the chance to lose these calories” I say touching my stomach which is satisfied from the food it got to eat.

“Of course; tomorrow, at the dance” he said and winked. “Oh no, no, no; I don’t dance” I say opposing immediately, as If someone just accused me for committing a crime.

“You what? Don’t dance? Nahhh that’s a crime. Not dancing is a crime. Do you know how much fun people have when they dance?” Bruno said panicking as if it’s really a crime not dancing. I bet he loves it a lot.

“I don’t know because I haven’t tried it. Don’t want to look ridiculous” I say defending myself. The last thing I need is getting up there in the middle of the dance floor and make a fool out of myself. Like I haven’t enough already.

“Tomorrow you are, and that’s final. Girl I worked a lot already transforming you into what you are now; I want the world to see it. It’s too late to be defeated by the fear” Bruno said decided to make me dance one way or another.

“I don’t know how to dance” I simply say shrugging. He smiles and gets up, walking close to me and reaching his hand for me to grab it.

“Come on, I’ll teach you” Bruno said smiling and for the first time maybe I thought that a smile like that has to be the most beautiful one in the world. Never noticed it before but when he smiles, the day looks better. I took his hand lazily, still not wanting to do it. He played some music and came back to me.

“Ricky Martin, La vida loca? Really?” I said with one eyebrow raised about the song choice.

“Come on, it’s only 3 min and then the song changes” he said dragging me in the middle of the room after he moved all the furniture to make space enough. I stood there like robot.

“I didn’t ask you to play the statue of liberty. Don’t stay in one place you’re not a tree, move it” he said as he started to move for himself. I never knew he was such a good dancer to be honest. I start to imitate what he does. Wrong move.

After noticing it, he started to mess with me. Bruno moved his hands on his hair and I did the same. He let the hands fall, I did the same. He stopped when he reached his chest and started to touch it. I burst out laughing.

“I’m not doing it” I warned. “I’m not touching my breasts” I said still laughing. He giggled giving up at his attempt.

“No one said you had to do what I do. I just said dance. Rule number one: when you dance you do what you want to; just feel the music and let yourself go” he informed while still dancing. “And if I dance terribly?” I asked scared and ashamed.

“No one is a bad dancer. As long as you enjoy it, you’re doing it right” he said smiling and moving his hips, something that made me laugh. I did what he told me. I let the music take me and honestly, I enjoyed it.

“See, I told you. You can dance” he said giggling. In one moment he took my hand and made me circle around his hand then dragging me towards him while dancing. We were both laughing and dancing and I was enjoying it. But my luck doesn’t last long as always. Just when I started to enjoy it, the song ended. A new one started to play and even though it was not a slow song, Bruno insisted in dancing it so.

“Falling in, lifehouse? I asked and he nodded. “One of my favorites” he admitted. He pulled me close to him. Took my hands and wrapped them around his neck. Don’t know why by my heart skipped a beat. Never had him this close before.

He wrapped his own hands around my waist and kept them firmly there. “Now just sway” he told me and I followed the way he was doing it. I was too busy to look at his steps, and when I learnt them I look up to look at him. He was already looking at me. Just like it was synchronized, at the moment I looked at him, the refrain started.
                                                                                                                                                         Every time I see your face
                       My heart takes off on a high speed chase now

My heart started to beat louder and in that moment I just wanted to leave and not look back. But the next lyrics blocked my mind and stopped me from moving.

                                  Don’t be scared it’s only love
                                         That we’re falling in

I lost a bit of control and I felt my feet stepping on Bruno’s but he just giggled and kept his eyes locked with mine.

                                    I would never do you wrong
  Or let you down or lead you on

I looked down pretending to see his steps, to follow his lead, but I just wanted to avoid that look. I felt like cursing when I heard the next lyrics; is this song trying to drive me crazy?

                                                                                                                                                      Don’t look down; it’s only love
                                       Baby that we’re falling in

I breathed heavily and tried to avoid the lyrics. Bruno pulled me even closer, still dancing, until our bodies were touching. I took advantage of the situation and put my head on his shoulder. He welcomed my gesture and dipped his head further in my hair. Before the song ended I stepped on his feet again and this time he lost the balance and fell on the couch, me on top of him. Bruno burst out laughing.

“Shut up, I told you I suck when I dance” I said moving away a bit, pretending to be mad.

“No you don’t, we just have to practice more so you’ll avoid all this stepping. Your prince charming might run away scared if you keep stepping on his feet” he said joking. I rolled my eyes at his mentioning of prince charming.

“Well I’m not a kind of princess either so…” I said shaking my head giggling.

“Why not?” he asked seriously that made me stop laughing. I thought it was supposed to be a joke.

“Uh..well…uh, because I’m just me. And I know “me”, and I’m far away of being a princess” I replied as it was supposed to be obvious.

“A princess is someone who feels like one. Nothing else makes you a princess more than this” he said still serious. What’s wrong with him?

“Well, in that case I’m not a princess because I don’t feel like one” I replied being honest.

“In that case…” he started repeating some of my previous words, “you need someone to make you feel like one” he said looking at my eyes.

“And where can I find him?” I ask laughing trying to move the tense out of the situation a bit. I need to relax.

“Tomorrow at the party…and you’ll dance with him, I promise you” he replied gigging. “I’m serious” I say raising my eyebrows. I need an answer, not a stupid joke.

"You’ll never know for sure. That’s why you have to keep looking; someday life will put him in your way. You have to kiss many frogs to find the prince, remember?” he said giggling.

“Yeah but how do I know which is the one. How do I know it’s not just a stop along the way? How do I know that one is the right one?” I ask him since he has more experience with these things. I forgot he only has had one night stands; no feelings involved.

“I guess that’s something you have to feel, not know” he replied smiling. He was right. I nodded agreeing. Bruno sometimes can become “deep” as well, and one can have a serious conversation with him. At least I can. I’ve known all of his “sides” that he hides from people. I don’t know why he showed them to me. Maybe because I’m someone insignificant in his life and what I’ll think of the real Bruno doesn’t matter to him. But I know one thing for sure: I’ve never opened up to someone this much. Not even Leona. I don’t do it on purpose, it just comes naturally. Talking to him openly is as easy and naturally as breathing…



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The project

Who wants a new chapter ?

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Loveee ur blog. If ur still up 4 takin requests, could u do a long imagine bout bruno who does his best to make a girl feel comfortable on her first time ;) like sensual, back massage, slow undressing, playful flirting to help her relax and engage. And also help her get ready to cum:) Know its detailed but would appreciate heaps xxx thanks✌️

Thank you for loving my blog but my imagines don’t include anything sexual; plus I’m not even good at writing these stuff, so…:P Sorry :/


For your Emmy Consideration.


For your Emmy Consideration.

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Lol, just kidding :P Glad you liked it :D

The project

Chapter 21

Eloise’s P.O.V

“Eloise? Eloise? Do you hear me honey?” I could hear Bruno’s voice speaking, but I felt unable to move.  “Open your eyes, please” I heard his voice again. I felt my face wet, and some breeze touching my face and only that made me feel that I’m still alive.

“Is she dead?” I heard a female’s voice asking. “Are you kidding me? She just fainted” I recognized Bruno’s voice answering her. I managed to open my eyes; in the beginning everything was blurry until figures took their shapes. Next to the bed, bent down on my level was Bruno, also holding my hand. In front of me, standing on feet was Virginia.

“Are you ok?” Bruno asked looking concerned. “I just feel weak, I cannot get up” I say holding my head.

“It’s the diet’s fault; I told you a girl like her cannot survive the beauty standards” Virginia said crossing her arms on her chest. I looked at Bruno confused.

“She knows” he simply said, and I understood what he meant; about Ryan and the project.

 “You told her?” I asked a bit frustrated. “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything. As a matter of fact I can help you with anything you need” Virginia said smiling, and I found her smile honest.

“I don’t care right now, I just want food” I said whining, and Bruno chuckled. “How about Nutella?” he said excitedly. “Anything, I’m dying” was my reply, and I sunk my head further on the pillow, while waiting for my food.

“Here” Bruno says, placing a tray full of food on my lap, and sat next to me on the bed. “Where’s Virginia?” I asked, as I jumped on food immediately.

“She left; she’s here to work remember?” he said smiling. “Oh God, I’m here to work as well” I said moving the tray and the cover to get up but Bruno pushed me back on my place.

“No, no, no. You won’t move from here until you’re fully recovered” he said stubbornly. “But…” I started to say but he cut my off “Whatever Martha or Ryan have against it, I’ll take care of it; you’re under my responsibility right now so don’t worry. Don’t forget that I’m your trainer, teacher, and now your doctor as well” he says smiling.

“What about my friend? Am I not good enough for you to consider yourself my friend?” I asked him a bit hurt that he didn’t mention that. He just shook his head smiling.

“I told you stuff that no one knows about me that much; I opened up to you more than I ever have even to myself and you’re still asking me this? How aren’t you my friend? Why are you talking nonsense?” he said looking at me. I tried not to smile like an idiot; I didn’t know that being something to Bruno meant so much to me.

“Truth or dare?” he asked making me roll my eyes. “What? This is our game” he said laughing after he saw my facial expression. “Truth” I simply answered.

“Am I good enough to be called your friend?” he asked seriously. At first I thought he’s kidding but…

“Why would you ask that? Of course you’re my friend” I answered still surprised of his question.

“That’s good to know” he said smiling. “Truth or dare?” I asked laughing.

“Hmmm” he said making his thinking face, “truth” he finally answered. “Would you like to talk to your mom right now?” I ask him and his smile fades away. He looks down for a couple of seconds, “Well, yes” he simply answers.

“Why don’t you call her then?” I ask him, putting away the tray with food. “I doubt she would want to hear me. Plus, when I call her all she does is reproaching me, so…” he says with sadness in his voice.

“You have to tell her that you haven’t changed that much, the way she thinks you have; you’re not a bad person” I say taking his hand on my hand.

“She doesn’t trust me anymore; not after those magazines cover pages with “Bruno Mars drunk, makes a scandal in a club” , “Bruno Mars drunk in an interview” , “Bruno Mars yells at his fans when they asked him to stop drinking” or “Bruno Mars in a relationship with a prostitute” he says and sighs.

“Are those true though?” I ask him, not believing him capable of these; he’s such an amazing person in front of me.

“I fought in a club, more than once and well paparazzi happened to be there. I fought with my mom through a phone call right before an interview, and to calm myself I went drinking and yes I end up being drunk in the interview. I might have raised my voice to one of my fans while signing their books, but I never meant to be rude. She said I need to stop drinking and smoking and be the Bruno they know and I just said “I can take care of it myself.” But of course media makes it look like I had hit my fans” he said shaking his head.

“What about the prostitute rumor? Or it isn’t a rumor?” I said the last part in a low voice, not wanting to believe it; I don’t know why I felt something in my stomach at the thought of that.

“I am a manwhore, I know; but no, it wasn’t true. One night, my guys and I were at a club and I saw some drunk guys disturbing the girl. I almost fought with them, and took her in my car to send her home because I didn’t want them to force or hurt her. She turned out to work as a prostitute. I didn’t know that, but even if I had, I’d still defend her and take her home. But you know paparazzi and stuff. The girl took her chance after the publication of the rumor and confirmed the “relationship” with me. The magazines were filled with that for two other weeks” he says moving his hand through his hair.

“Did you tell this side of the story to your mom?” I ask. He’s such a good person I bet he doesn’t see it himself either.

“She didn’t want to hear; she preferred trusting magazines and the girl’s version of the story. Anyways I got tired of explaining, people always believe what they want to believe so now I live life the way I want to” he says getting up and changing his expression from sad, to a manwhore, pig that he is or at least pretends to be.

“If you’re feeling better, I’d leave. I have rehearsals, because I’m singing tomorrow night” he says looking in his wardrobe.

“Singing?” I ask confused. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know? Oh right, you were sick. Well the thing is, tomorrow night we have a party and I’m singing. Martha sent for you to help but since you were sick I asked Virginia to take your place and help them organize it, which she accepted without a problem” Bruno said changing his shirt.

“Remind me to thank her. But now I’m feeling better so I better go do my job” I say trying to get up but he put his hands on my shoulders sitting me back on his bed.

“No, no, no, you’re going nowhere. Don’t worry, Virginia promised to take care of it. You’re not moving from here till you’re fully recovered” he says, being stubborn. I know there’s no way he will  let me get up so I gave up.

“So, you really like Virginia huh?” I ask and he bursts out laughing. It made me confused of what he’s laughing about.

“She has a boyfriend. Ours was just a “one night stand”. Plus I had her once, why would I bother to hit on her again” he says winking at me. Before I can speak he already assumed what I was about to say, “I’m a pig I know” he said making me giggle.

I know it’s shorter than usual but I’ll make it up to you with the next chapter ;)

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Anyone else has a crush on Chris Pine as much as I do?

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I'm glad that you're back!! I have to check your last fic but I bet it's amazing like the others! And I'm 100% with you about Bruno's personal life, I mean we care about him but at the end he's a grown up guy and yeaaah we're here for the music. Bye :)

Hihi what are you waiting for then? Go check it :P

Toby Cavanaugh in 5x11

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