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I love your fanfic "The Project" will you update it soon?

Thank you :D Yes, I’ll try to update soon :)

The project

Chapter 24

Eloise’s P.O.V

I don’t know what’s worse: having a terrible headache due to the sips of alcohol I took last night, or having blisters on your feet because of the heels Bruno made me wear? Either way I found it hard to even open my eyes. The sun came up but I was too lazy to even get up and close the curtain. The light was bothering me; but that’s me usually: always complaining about something and never try to change it. I’m surprised I’m doing this much of a sacrifice to win Ryan over.

“Wake up sleeping beauty. We have to get ready; going back home today, remember?” Bruno asks as he comes inside my room. Home; finally. I forgot I was living in a hotel, in a different city. But last night’s party was the ending of work we had done in those eight days. Or basically the work models have done.

“Ughh…can we postpone it for tomorrow?” I ask as I sink my head further in my pillow. “What’s wrong with you lazy ass?” he asks removing the cover from my head.

“Headache…and I have blisters all over my feet because of the heels you made me wear” I complain without even opening my eyes.

“Oh, are you blaming me now?” he asks. “I miss my sneakersssss” I nag and he bursts out laughing. “And close the curtain for me please” I say putting another pillow on top of my head.

“No miss; no time to sleep. We’re having the last lunch in this amazing hotel and straight to the bus after that. It’s midday and we don’t have much time before we leave so better get ready” he says taking the pillow away.

“I’m having a hangover here” I complain as I open my eyes. Bruno opened the closet already and started to get my clothes out of closet to put them in the opened suitcase on my bed.

“Hangover? Come on, you took a couple sips, not an entire bottle” he says putting my dresses on the suitcase.

“For a non alcohol user that’s enough. And stop touching my clothes” I say sitting on my bed.

“Remind me to teach you how to drink alcohol” he says smirking. “No thanks, not interested to know that” I say yawning.

“Get up, I have a good news to give to you” he says opening another drawer.

“Stop looking in my drawers” I say. “Why? I’m just packing your stuff. Or you don’t want me to find your underwear?” he says smirking. Yep, that’s exactly what I want to avoid. I throw a pillow in his direction but it doesn’t hit him. Crap.

“Yes. I don’t want you in contact with them; got a problem with that?” I ask pretending to be angry.

“Don’t worry; I’m better when I’m not in contact with them” he says winking. Idiot. He’s kidding because he knows he won’t get in contact with my body neither with nor without underwear.

“Shut up and tell me the news you said you had for me” I ask ignoring what he just said.

“Right, sit down because you’ll fall when I tell you” he says. I look at him weird. Is he an idiot or what? I AM seated.

“Right, sorry” he says after he noticed it and I giggle. “Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that…Ryan and his girlfriend broke up” he says jumping up and down like a little kid. What did he just say?

“What? Are you kidding me?” I ask raising one eyebrow. If this is a joke Bruno is dead.

“No, Ryan told me last night. He came to my room at 4am because he couldn’t sleep. Apparently they fought in the club and he ended their relationship right then and there” Bruno says sitting on my bed next to me. I remembered them fighting and Ryan leaving the club really mad.

“Maybe is just a fight and something temporary…” I started to say but Bruno cuts me off “No it’s definitely. For real. For eternity” he says and my heart beats faster. Can this be my opportunity to be happy?

“Oh my God Bruno you made my day. Not that I’m happy they broke up, I’m not that bad of a person, I don’t want to create my happiness over someone else’s pain but I just….” I start but he chuckles.

“I know, you don’t have to give me explanations” he says smiling. Why is it always like this with Bruno? I never need to give him explanations; he understands. Despite that he smiles; I notice something in his eyes, something sad.

“What is it?” I ask him. Even my smile fades away. “What do you mean?” he answers with another question.

“I won’t buy that; Spill it” I say in a demanding way that makes him chuckles.

“I fought with my mom this morning” he answers and his smile fades away. I knew something was wrong with him.

“What about?” I ask sitting closer to him. “The usual stuff. For me being a bad person; alcohol, sex and all these scandals I’m always included in.  Just stuff” he answers looking away.

“Did you tell Ryan about this?” I ask and he shakes his head. “No, no one knows” he says and I give him a small smile. The fact that I’m the only one he confesses this to, makes me feel important to him; and I don’t know why, but I like it.

“Do you want me to talk to her?” I ask touching his hand. “No, of course not. I just…thanks for listening and allowing me to get it out of my chest” he says faking a smile.

“Anytime” I answer looking at him sadly. He shakes his head and smiles widely. “Was I too noisy last night?” he asks changing the topic immediately. I shake my head no. “Why?” I ask innocently.

“I just took one of the guests back to my room, if you know what I mean” he says winking. I roll my eyes. Another girl he slept with.

“Truth or dare?” I ask him being the one to start it this time. “Truth” he says immediately. When we first played this game he always chose dare, now he chooses truth without even thinking about it twice. Glad I taught him something.

“Do you ever get tired of these one night stands?” I ask and his smile fades away. It’s like I found something he wanted to be hidden.

“Yes…I guess, but…” he says and doesn’t finish it. “But?” I repeat urging him to continue the sentence. He sighs.

“Of course I get tired of that. I’m a human; what do you think I am? I want someone who won’t leave in the morning or sometimes right after we’ve done it and leaves her number in a piece of paper. I’d like to wake one morning and find a “Honey I had to leave early for work. I’ll see you in the evening; will miss you the whole day” note, instead of a usual phone number I’m never going to call anyway. I want someone to talk to, have fun with, watch movies, go out in stupid romantic dates or surprise her with a morning breakfast. But mostly I want someone who wants to know me not the singer Bruno, someone who cares, someone whom I can be opened to, teach each other things, someone to be loyal to me and not sleep with someone else behind my back…I want someone to love me despite that I’m a complete idiot” he says and sighs after confessing this to me. I never knew a sex addict, player, pig like Bruno could feel all of this.

“But…” he continues “…love doesn’t exist. Because the woman I’m looking for is just an illusion…someone I invented but that I will never have” he finishes and looks at me.

“My turn, truth or dare?” he asks smiling again. I don’t know how easily he changes attitude from someone hurt to a careless idiot. I raise one eyebrow.

“Truth, I got it” he says chuckling. “Do you believe in real love?” he asks in a low voice like he is embarrassed to mention “real love”. Of course a manwhore like him, never even silently thinks about that phrase, let alone mention it out loud.

“Hmmm…I don’t know. It sounds like a fairytale and I’m used to reality; trust me, no one was hit by reality as hard as I’ve been” I reply not knowing how to explain what I think of “Real love.”

“So you don’t believe two people can love each other for real; that you and someone can love each other unconditionally?” he asks and I sigh.

“Not that I cannot love someone for real, but I doubt someone can love me back get it?” I reply and he nods. “I understand. But never lose hope; Ryan would be stupid not to notice a girl like you. Come on now, we’re being late for lunch” he says getting up from my bed and letting me to get ready.

The lunch was a bit awkward since I was sitting next to two models and away from Bruno, but I had Virginia in front of me so that was less painful. What was surprising is that Ryan and his ex girlfriend were acting normally; each of them with their friends, as if no one was suffering from the break up. I don’t know if this was just the show in front of the audience to hide their real pain or they really didn’t care at all. Maybe their relationship was just like most relationships nowadays: superficial. Just so one doesn’t feel lonely but if they are to break up no one minds it, because they can find the replacement easily; and that’s because all they want is someone to fill the empty space not someone to fill their life because they love him/her.

But that seemed to be the surprise’s day. When we were all settled on the bus, Ryan came to sit next to me. It was unexpected but I welcomed that. Bruno sat next to Virginia at the other side.

"Long week huh?” Ryan said when he sat. I simply nodded smiling.   “I bet you got tired, I know Martha can be a pain in the butt sometimes” he continued smiling in the end, showing off his perfect teeth.

“I was just doing my job, nothing out of the ordinary. Whatever Martha did was not on purpose; simply to get the best out of the entire work” I replied sincerely.

“Wow, I’m glad you see it this way. Most of the girls would complain about it” he said still smiling. The bus started to move and in a few seconds we were moving away from the hotel we stayed for days and with each second passing, the hotel became this object that looked each time smaller as we moved away.

Ryan took of his phone and put the headphones on his ears. He supported his head on the chair and closed his eyes enjoying the music. He looked cute with that peaceful facial expression but I wanted to continue talking to him; getting to know him. Even if we talk non sense, it’s still better than silence. But I guess this won’t be my lucky day after all.

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If you could touch or kiss brunos body which part would it be?

Already answered that…look in my blog ;)

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ur blog is cUTE

Thank you

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Challenge accepted!! What part of Bruno's body would you like to touch?

ALL of him….I’d love to kiss his dimple on top of everything

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Did you realise I'm the same person that asked you all of them ?? ;) lol

This means you love my fanfic a lot

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What is your life goal ??

To be happy :D

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Many: my mom, food, music, writing, acting, dancing, moon, swings, blue, spanish, spanish music, shows etc

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How have you discovered Bruno ??

Billionaire baby…tv ;) Then youtube interviews, unreleased songs, etc 

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What do you want to do in life ?? :)

Become a writer and an actress

musical-vacation said: Crush before Bruno? (1)

Lots, but I remember at the time being head to toes in love with Michael Ballack(ex German captain)…still love him ^_^

The project

I am bored so how about this: if I get more than 5 questions(about anything you want) I’ll post a new chapter ;)

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I just love it !!!

You mean the fanfic right? Thanks :D